Friday, January 2, 2009

Have we no pride? Apparently the CBC doesn't.

From the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Friday, Jan. 2 2009 Globe and Mail. Even the Americans are outraged at the CBC Radio Two restructuring, not to mention puzzled by the idiocy of CBC management in implementing these changes:

Have we no pride?


January 2, 2009

Columbia, S.C. -- Will CBC Radio 2's current tsunami of idiocy never cease (Naming Those Tunes That Define Canada - Dec. 30)? Having just heard the dazzling Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman sing in Beethoven's 9th Symphony on U.S. National Public Radio, and having recently seen the brilliant Michael Schade on the stage of New York's Metropolitan Opera House, I find myself exasperated and embarrassed by the CBC's offer to send the next American president 49 songs - and this to let Americans know about Canadian culture.

Canadians, please note: Your high art is known everywhere on Earth. Its virtual abandonment by CBC Radio is shameful and ridiculous. Forget the 49 and this silly contest, and remember the dozens of world-class performers from one sea to the other, take pride in them and bring them back to the airwaves, at least for the sake of Canadians getting to know their own artistic glory.

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