Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CBC Radio Two: for the Geography-challenged.

From the Letters to the Editor section of the Globe and Mail, Tuesday, Jan. 6 2009:

Tune in to geography?


January 6, 2009

Ottawa -- So CBC Radio 2 has a scheme to send 49 songs from above the 49th parallel to Barack Obama to make him more aware of Canada (Naming Those Tunes That Define Canada - Review, Dec. 30).

Mr. Obama probably knows this, but it appears the CBC does not: Most Canadians live south of the 49th parallel; music that originated in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Moncton, Halifax, St. John's or anywhere in PEI wouldn't qualify. Even places like Sault St. Marie, Sudbury and Chicoutimi lie south of the 49th.

The CBC management should realize that when ordinary Canadians feel compelled to ridicule their programming choices in the national newspapers, something is seriously wrong. And it's not something wrong with the ordinary Canadians.

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