Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Radio salvation for drivers!

Life used to be so simple when driving. Turn on the radio to CBC Radio Two and you could be guaranteed of some pleasant listening while you drove. Not anymore. CBC Radio Two is such a hodge-podge of music formats, not to mention annoying hosts, that I don’t even bother trying any more.

CBC Radio One is often an alternative, but once again there are times when I can’t stand listening to Radio One. During “The Debaters”, for example. “All in a Day (Ottawa)” is bearable, but there are times when I have to turn the radio off because the music that is being played is just too annoying. I could go on.

But I have found radio salvation! It is 1310 News, All News Radio on the AM dial in Ottawa. News, weather, sports, commercials, news, weather, sports, commercials, news, weather, sports, commercials ad infinitum. But I love it! I never get bored or annoyed, even if I’ve heard the same news story for the third or fourth time that day.

When was the last time you tried listening to AM radio? Give it a try. You might like it!