Friday, December 19, 2008

Where is the CBC/Radio-Canada Annual Report for 2007/2008?

Idly surfing the CBC Corporate web site, I happened upon the page containing the CBC/Radio-Canada Annual Reports.

I noticed something interesting - the 2006/2007 Annual Report is archived here, but there's no report for 2007/2008.

Given the fact that the Corporation's year end appears to be March 31, I would have thought that the 2007/2008 Annual Report would have been available by now.

An inspection of the "properties" information for the 2006/2007 Annual Report .pdf file reveals that this file was created July 23 2007 and modified Oct. 17 2007, and presumably released shortly afterwards. So where is the 2007/2008 Annual Report, considering that there are only 12 days left in 2008? Will we have to wait for 2009 for the 2007/2008 Annual Report?

Does anyone out there in cyberspace have any knowledge of what's going on in the CBC to have delayed the Annual Report?

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