Monday, December 15, 2008

"Sound Advice" Lives On!

For all those who have missed Rick Phillips' excellent program, "Sound Advice", I recently discovered that Mr. Phillips is continuing this program on his web site,

You can download programs in MP3 format and import them to your MP3 player or iPod. Of course, not everyone has a PC, internet connection or MP3 player or iPod, so Mr. Phillips program is not as accessible as it once was. But that's the 'new 2' for you.

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fishface42 said...

On the CBC Radio 2 Blog I wrote:
"Re. Tempo, Julie, how about you start talking like a grownup? Introducing Handel with an inane anecdote about some "this guy" you read about on-line is so-o-o-Much Music. Forget about being a PERSONALITY and present the music with dignity and restraint."