Thursday, October 2, 2008

1 Day Later: No responses from the candidates in Carleton-Mississippi Mills

Nine seconds after sending my e-mail question to the Honourable Gordon O'Connor, Member of Parliament for Carleton-Mississippi Mills, I received this reply from Mr. O'Connor's constituency manager, Mr. John Aris:

"On behalf of Gordon O'Connor, thank you for your e-mail message. Mr. O'Connor always responds to correspondence from constituents first. In order to prioritize inquiries, we ask those wishing to receive replies to provide their complete name and mailing address.

If you have not done so in your original e-mail, please send us a quick note indicating this information.

Thank you again for contacting Gordon O'Connor, your Member of Parliament for Carleton-Mississippi Mills. We value your opinion, and will make note of your comments."

So, I dutifully sent a reply e-mail to Mr. O'Connor's office with my mailing address within the next 30 minutes.

So far I have not received any replies from Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Cole, Mr. MacKinnon or Mr. Arbour.

Oh, well, I know they're busy with only 12 days left before the election. Although this is an important issue to many Canadians, as it is a fundamental question that we should consider in a democracy - how do you ensure that proper oversight and controls are put in place on a Crown Corporation which is spending your tax dollars and which should be reflecting your wishes as a taxpayer?

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