Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A second day of the "new 2"

Second day of trying to be open-minded and give the "new 2" a chance. Driving back to Ottawa from Toronto, I tune into Julie Nesrallah's new program, "Tempo", at 11:45 AM. I listen to Ms. Nesrallah's show until I begin to lose reception of CBC Radio's Toronto station somewhere east of Toronto.

A second day of listening to Ms. Nesrallah's show confirms my first impression from yesterday - this is excellent programming, and precisely the type of program CBC Radio Two should be offering to it's listeners, not only during the 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM time slot but throughout the day and evening.

When I lose reception of 94.1 FM I turn to Sirius satellite radio, "Symphony Hall".

Sometime after 3:00 PM, and still driving to Ottawa, I search for the CBC Radio Two station from Kingston. I used to have all of the CBC Radio Two stations stored on my car radio, so that I could switch from Ottawa to Kingston, then from Kingston to Toronto while driving from Ottawa to Toronto. But it's been so long since I've listened to CBC Radio Two that I've forgotten the frequency for Kingston's Radio Two station. I scan the frequencies, searching for Radio Two, then realize the problem - when CBC Radio Two sounds like any other commercial station on the radio, how do you find it by scanning the dial? Wait until the hourly news, then scramble for five minutes to find the station? Continue to scan until you hit one of those annoying promos for CBC Radio Two's new programs? I give up in frustration and return to Sirius.

Closer to Ottawa I tune in to the Ottawa CBC Radio Two station, 103.3. FM and listen to Mr. Terfry's new show. It's not intolerable, but I hear Lyle Lovett, followed by a barely-recognizable cover of Murray McLauchlin's "Down by the Henry Moore", performed by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Is this the long-awaited Canadian content that the CBC has been promising? U.S. performers and covers of Canadian hits from the '70s?

But then Mr. Terfry also plays Hawksley Workman - and I admit I've never heard of Mr. Workman, until now, and I enjoy Mr. Workman's performance. Then, a song by Amos Lee (I was distracted by driving, I may have misheard the name) followed by a bit of eclectic wierdness, which I believe was "Banjo Girl".

All in all, Mr. Terfry's show fills a need - a need for eclectic, out-of-the-ordinary music - that I previously filled by listening to university radio stations. I may listen again from time to time, but I still hold a grudge against the CBC for cancelling so many fine programs and for destroying my - yes, my - CBC. As I have previously stated in other blog entries, as well as letters to CBC management, I would have supported the creation of a CBC Radio 3 to feature programs such as Mr. Terfry's. But I do not support the destruction of CBC Radio Two, to replace it with an inferior offering.

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