Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Masochism? Or trying to be open-minded?

In the spirit of attempting to be open-minded and to give the "new 2" a chance, I tuned the radio to CBC Radio Two while in Toronto today, instead of the usual Classical 96.3 that we listen to while in Toronto. We woke up to Tom Allen's new show; I listened to it while drinking my morning coffee; while eating breakfast; while writing this blog. And, although I respect and previously enjoyed Mr. Allen's "Music and Company", I have to say that it is an ordeal to continue to listen to this new programming.

The only high point was Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone", although the CBC CD player managed to mangle this performance, making it a less than satisfactory experience. Although I still enjoy hearing Bob Dylan from time to time, is 8:00 AM really the time that CBC Radio Two listeners want to hear Bob Dylan?

I'll continue to try to give CBC Radio Two a chance today while we drive Alex to Waterloo; move him into his apartment and drive back to Toronto. I suspect, however, that the eclectic and rather irritating music that the CBC seems to be featuring now will wear our patience to the breaking point and we will have to turn to Classical 96.3 FM at some point during the day.


test-test-test said...

You can't maintain that 96.3 FM is any sort of a substitute for the CBC's earlier programming. It plays saccharine warhorses, has pathetic ads for hearing aids, and the commentators are vaccuous.

chip hodal said...

I also tried to keep an open mind re; new programming, but I confess it tests my patience. This appears to be another case of fixing something which was not broken. At this pont I do not quite know where to turn my radio dial, but I can not leave it where it is. The first song I heard this morning (5:40 AM) was what sounded like a folk/love song from India, with all the bells and whistles. This is not what I expect or want at that time of day. Your comment that the mix is irritating is fairly spot on.
Chip Hodal
Faithful listener for many years.

James Wooten said...

Response to test-test-test:

True, Classical 96.3 FM is not equivalent to or better than the earlier programming that was to be found on CBC Radio Two (and, by earlier programming, I am referring to the programming that was available before March 19, 2007). However, when there are no other stations that play classical music available, Classical 96.3 FM is a suitable - or tolerable? - substitute.