Saturday, December 12, 2015

CBC Radio will broadcast Euroradio's "Joy to the World" special program on Sunday, Dec. 20 2015

One of the few remaining reasons to listen to CBC Radio 2 is the annual broadcast on Euroradio's "Joy to the World" program in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Further details to be released by the CBC on December 17.

Remember when you enjoyed listening to CBC Radio 2 every day, all year around, not just one day per year?


David T. Brown said...

It has been almost eight years since the astonishingly boneheaded program format changes at CBC Radio 2, but I still get upset thinking about how a superb and well balanced broadcasting model was squandered by myopic bureaucrats in their misguided search for a nonexistent demographic. Now, despite duplicitous crowing about attracting higher percentages of the ever-declining overall radio audience*, the downward slide continues. Mercifully, since the advent of streaming internet radio, I can find a surrogate in BBC Radio 3 - but wouldn't it have been so much nicer if the rest of the world could have been listening to the excellent classical, jazz, and arts programming that was once the hallmark of our national broadcaster?
The anger is gradually giving way to wistfulness, but the sense of loss will persist.


James Wooten said...

I'm completely in agreement with you David. What I find astonishing is that no one in CBC management has apparently learned from, or acknowledged, their mistakes. Instead those responsible have been promoted!

My alternative to CBC Radio Two is Sirius Satellite radio. I can not recommend it highly enough, both in home and in the car.

Streaming audio was my other alternative for the home but unfortunately my WiFi radio no longer functions with my new WiFi router. Time for a new WiFi radio!

Marni Gent said...

Greetings from Lunenburg, NS...
What a delight to read your comments! I feel exactly the same about this HORRIBLE CBC takeover. I had happily listened to CBC Radio my whole life, each day, every day. But after the coup, I have had to cobble together snippets of decent music here & there.
I now listen to the French channel, Radio Canada, in the morning until 0800 (it used to be OK until 0900, but no more)(but it is still pretty good most of the weekend!), next I listen to a CD until 0900, & at this point I enter the "grin & bare it" zone... I turn on "Tempo" & must endure the oozing, drippy, gushing, false enthusiasm of Juuuuulie. I won't even start with how many dislikes I have about this "host". Suffice to say, I wish she would go back to her singing career. Permanently.
I'm a bit of a Luddite so I don't listen to music on the computer. Plus, I have speakers in a few rooms of the house & want to have the music travel with me, so to speak. I would love to listen to the BBC but I wouldn't know how to swing that. If you folks could walk me through the process of setting this up, that would be great!
And, a pal of mine has clued me into this site. I am listening now as I type & it is a delight!! But, alas, it's playing through my laptop so I have to sit still to listen.
Thanks for your blog. I KNOW we aren't the only ones who feel like this. None of my friends can stand The New 2!! What can we do to get back our once beloved CBC Radio??

James Wooten said...

Hi Marni,

Just saw your comment. I agree with you 100%!

I wrote up a brief description of how to get started with SiriusXM satellite radio. Hope this helps. I've had my SiriusXM satellite radio for nine years now (I have three satellite radios, and an outdoor antenna) and they work perfectly!

You can see the description as my latest blog entry.