Tuesday, January 1, 2008

CBC Radio Two - Where does the music take me?

If you're like me, you've likely become fed up with the CBC Radio Two programming changes that have taken place. But what to do?

In my May 4 blog entry, I discussed alternatives to CBC Radio Two. The video clip above illustrates my preferred alternative to CBC Radio Two programming.

In a future blog entry I'll describe my experience with Sirius satellite radio (which has been excellent, by the way) and some tips on getting started with your own satellite radio installation.


Anonymous said...

I am desperately worried about CBC Two. They did not consult those who cared the most, and they are going to lose this involved, loyal audience. Furthermore,the audience they appear to be targeting doesn't exist in the time period they've made available. Internet listening is inevitably solitary; I can't do that in my kitchen, bedroom, etc., nor share good music with a friend who has just dropped in. Also the "Concerts in Demand" web site, despite recent changes, is terrible; just "numbers" followed by applause, followed by silence, followed by another "number." Unlike one of the bloggers on the CBC blog I don't disdain BBC 3 and listen to it regularly when I am on the net. But I want my national service to do better. I think there is a message in the fact that the most mentioned show on the various blogs is Danielle Charboneau's late, lamented Music for A While -- smart, fresh programming, beautifully presented, and at a good time for listening. Finally, is the major blow these programming decisions deal to a music institution with deep roots in Canada's music community, and a major role to play in sustaining it. I will continue to write letters and talk to others who are concerned, but I don't know how much good it will do. Germaine

James Wooten said...

Hi Germaine,

Thanks for your comments. I fully agree with everything that you said.

How long will it be before CBC management realizes their mistakes? Even if they are sufficiently self-aware to realize the magnitude of their mistakes, will they correct them?

I do not believe CBC management is capable of evaluating the success of their programming changes or of taking corrective actions. I believe they will need to be forced into it, and the only way they can be forced into listening to the CBC Radio Two listening audience will be through continuous, unrelenting pressure from government officials, the CRTC, the CBC Board of Governors and members of the public.

Therefore, I urge you continue to write letters!


Peter said...

Just to let you know, a National Day of Action is planned for Friday April 11th. We're going to have demonstrations at as many CBC installations as we possibly can to protest the changes to Radio two and the axing of the Cbc Radio Orchestra. come visit the Facebook event site at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=10046514724 for more details

James Wooten said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for letting me know about the National Day of Action. This is an excellent initiative and I will do my best to get away from work to attend in Ottawa!