Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CBC Radio Two Listener comments on Euroradio Christmas Music Day

A reader of this blog was kind enough to send me the URL for comments made by listeners during the Euroradio Christmas Music Day. You can judge for yourself whether the comments that were not included in the blog were positive or negative from Mr. Peter Cook’s comment: “Less welcome are personal insults.” Who was being insulted in the comments? Mr. Peter Cook? Mr. Howard Dyck? I find it hard to believe that the CBC Radio Two listeners are the type of people to direct personal insults at the program host, blog moderator or performers. One suspects instead that the personal insults were directed at CBC Management and programmers, for their choice of programming for Canada’s contribution to Christmas Music Day. Wouldn't it be nice to see all of these comments, unedited?

You can read the comments that were allowed on the blog for yourself

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Andrei said...

Hi James,

I sent a message to Peter Cook and he sent me a reply. The comments that he edited out were not directed to the CBC. Rather, posters on the blog started to hurl invective and insults at each other, not the CBC. Peter said that there was profanity and threats of violence! So, the comment editing had nothing to do with CBC trying to keep negative comments from being aired, but rather was just a response to the Internet phenomenon of otherwise normal (or not?) people descending into name-calling barbarians. And the fact that this even happens to people sitting at home listening to Christmas music and baking or wrapping presents is something for psychologists to explain!