Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More comments from listeners on the new CBC Radio Two evening schedule

I'm not sure how I missed this - perhaps because there's no link to the "official" CBC Radio blog on the CBC Radio Two web site and, once you do find this site, the comments are spread out across various topics? - but many CBC Radio Two listeners did in fact have a chance to express an opinion on the new CBC Radio Two evening schedule, beginning March 14 (when the blog entry was posted) until April 3, when responses to this entry were closed. The blog entry is "More details about the new CBC Radio Two shows". It's rather sad that details were disseminated only through this well-hidden web site!

As you may have guessed, the opinion of most of the respondents was that the changes in the CBC Radio Two schedule were ill-conceived, implemented without proper consultation of CBC Radio Two listeners and generally a slap in the face to the loyal listeners of CBC Radio Two. Although there is a comment in the blog that CBC Radio Two executives have been reading these blog entries, has there been any public statement from CBC Radio Two executives in the media or on the CBC Radio web sites to respond to the listener dissatisfaction that is evident to all but the most obtuse? No, it seems they are completely oblivious to what is happening around them - or they are aware, but just don't care.


Anonymous said...

I would like to find a way to rally people to the Toronto demonstration outside of Facebook.
The demographics of classical music fans indicate that not everyone is necessarily into Facebook. This is a vital issue, and while it has received some media attention, I fear that the numbers at the demo will not be adequate. A bit late now, but who has ideas?

James Wooten said...

Thanks for your comment.

The only suggestion that I have is to print copies of the posters that have been posted under the "photos" section of the Facebook event page and post them on lamp posts near the location of the Toronto protest.

I intend to do this in Ottawa tonight, although I realize it is not the most effective way of reaching CBC Radio Two listeners.